Good Luck to all SHD Awards 2018 Finalists Tonight!

Golden awards.

Go Supply Chain Consulting (GO) are proud to announce that they have been instrumental, as a crucial part of the team responsible for their clients – a multinational distribution and outsourcing company – to be shortlisted as finalists for the 2018 SHD awards; Nominated under the category ‘Operations Large’.

With the Specialist support of Go’s Logistics and Warehouse Consultants, successfully identified alternative approaches which enabled them to operate an import centre in a low space/labour cost location and replenish via trunk to its main distribution centre.

Gideon Hillman Consulting (GH) have also been nominated for an award alongside exciting, new, very first drive-thru builders’ yard and warehouse backed by the largest builders merchants group in the UK, BUILT/ –  Travis Perkins PLC  shortlisted as finalists, nominated not only for ‘New Facility’, but also for ‘Innovation’.

Following their recent Merge in July 2018 to form The Supply Chain Consulting Group, the GO and GH team will be attending the awards ceremony together tonight at The Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe, London, where the winners will be announced.

Follow the link for the full List of 2018 Finalists.


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