Established in 2014, Go Supply Chain Consulting is a trading name of The Supply Chain Consulting Group Ltd, registered in England and Wales; A UK-based organisation of logistics consultants who offer logistics and supply chain consulting services to clients across a range of different industry sectors. These sectors include but are not limited to FMCG, fashion, automotive and retail.

Established by a substantially skilled and accomplished team of logistics consultants, we combine practicality with a highly impertinent approach, which echoes our blend of consulting and operational experience. We’re approachable, commercially flexible and straightforward to work with. Through this, we will aim to match the most desirable qualities of the larger and the smaller consultancies with whom we compete.

Our clients range from small, fast-growing entrepreneurial business to global corporations. We work both in the United Kingdom and internationally, with our consultants have successfully completed projects in over 16 different countries. The logistics consultants at Go Supply Chain Consulting have established methods and tools to outline future logistics necessities, accounting for growth and the intricacies of the continuously varying market environments.


We are Go Supply Chain Consulting, an independent, results-focused management consultancy that helps companies to thrive by improving their logistics and supply chain operations.