Reflecting on 2018 Events…

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2018 has so far been a brilliant year for the team, for attending Key Industry Expos – returning yet again to exhibit at both Intralogistex, and Multimodal; and also important Awards ceremonies for SHD Logistics, and The Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

Looking towards 2019, the team eagerly anticipate exhibiting at both Intralogistex and IMHX -A prestigious event held only every three years, across 4 halls within Birmingham’s NEC venue.

You can view all of our 2018 event Gallery HERE and our 2018 event Videos HERE .

SCCG Team attend SCEA 2018


On Tuesday night, The Supply Chain Consulting Group team attended The Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2018.

Shortlisted as finalists for their work on an innovative project for BUILT/ –  An exciting, new, very first drive-thru builders yard and warehouse backed by the largest builders merchants group in the UK, Travis Perkins PLC –  Nominated under the category ‘Supply Chain Innovation’.

“We were very pleased with the work completed by the SCCG team, the consultants’ professional yet friendly approach was excellent, and BUILT/ are confident that the team have provided us with a thorough analysis of our current and anticipated future facility needs.” Ryan Taylor, Head of Operations.

Well done to all #SCEA18 winners!


Zenoot 2019


Following the success from articles distributed from Gideon Hillman Consulting (GH) and following their merge with Go Supply Chain Consulting (GO) earlier this year, to form The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG), we will now be sharing content via Zenoot, as the SCCG Ltd team of Specialist Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants.

ZENOOT is “a single source of information to help manufacturers increase efficiency, reduce waste, improve quality, innovate processes, embrace the latest technology and become more profitable”.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Specialists’ content will continue to feature on the site each month, on this informative and insightful platform; sharing relevant case studies, and insightful, industry-relevant reads.

The SCCG team support a diverse range of projects for clients within a variety of sectors including manufacturing, in turn presenting their impact on the manufacturing, and Logistics industry. Read our most recent article here.

Read more on the SCCG Latest News page.

The Supply Chain Consulting Group attending Intralogistex 2019


On Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th February 2019ILX 2019 will return to the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, for its fourth consecutive year.

In previous years, the event has been attended by Gideon Hillman Consulting; however, following the recent merger of Gideon Hillman Consulting, and Go Supply Chain Consulting back in July earlier this year; The Supply Chain Consulting Group will be attending Intralogistex 2019.

Making its’ debut for the first time at the Ricoh Arena Coventry in 2015, ILX 2019 is predicted to be the biggest show yet, promising more exhibitors, visitors, seminars and speakers than ever before.

Feedback from past years’ shows, have detailed these exhibitions as shows of great value; of which 2018, ensured that our team of logistics and supply chain consultants, received an excellent amount of interest, and a diverse range of enquiries!

The Supply Chain Consulting Group will be on Stand 332 in Hall 1; watch our videos, and view our galleries, to see all our 2018 Event Highlights.

Read the full story at on the SCCG Latest News page.

SCCG welcomes Marketing Coordinator

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This month, The Supply Chain Consulting Group welcome Amy Bethell – their newest member of the team to join their growing Marketing Department.

Reporting directly to the Senior Marketing Executive, and part of our central support function for our ongoing Marketing Strategy, Amy fulfils the role of Marketing Coordinator.

Responsible for supporting the continual promotion and development of the trading names Gideon Hillman Consulting, and Go Supply Chain Consulting; Amy will be involved significantly with executing the wider reaching strategy to promote the SCCG brand, and its awareness throughout the Logistics industry; with Amy’s role focussing specifically on social media management, and engagement.

Advocating that staff development is crucial to ensure that we can continue to maintain the increase in demand and expectations of our clients, we wish Amy great success in her new role.

Read the full story at on the SCCG Latest News page.

Significant Business Gains for Supply Chain Merger

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Since the completion of the merger on 1st July 2018, The Supply Chain Consulting Group has already made some significant business gains in winning several high-profile projects and clients.

These include work for the world’s largest institution to house decorative arts and designs, a network consolidation project for a temperature controlled FMCG supplier, and an automation project for a major food processor.

Of most note, is that the company has just been awarded a contract to design and programme manage the procurement, fit out, implementation testing, and commissioning of a new fully automated purpose built 200,000 sq. ft. e-fulfilment and distribution centre in the UK, for a sizable on-line retailer, to go-live by 2022.

Read the full story at on the SCCG Latest News page.

New Projects Awarded in Third Quarter for SCCG

A strategic collaboration founded in July 2018, of two leading Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancies within the UK; The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) consolidates the knowledge, expertise, and reach of both the Go Supply Chain Consulting, and Gideon Hillman Consulting teams.

SCCG have been awarded just under 50 Consultancy projects already this year in total, for work completed for new and existing clients; of which13 of these new projects were only awarded since August 2018 alone.

Projects awarded within 2018, have enabled The Supply Chain Consulting Group to demonstrate their expertise, knowledge and skills within the Logistics Industry including: warehouse design and optimisation, supply chain management, tender management, logistics network reviews, and operational reviews.

Building upon the successes of their first half of the year, to date, the combined team work of Gideon Hillman Consulting, and Go Supply Chain Consulting – as SCCG means the teams have continued to impressively develop upon their already established diverse portfolio of clients, of which includes but is not limited to: a prestigious ecommerce catering wholesaler, a reliably renowned manufacturer, and a widely recognised multinational alcoholic beverages company.

The SCCG team continue to conduct and complete successful project work for both new, and a selection of their existing clients, throughout the remainder of 2018, and eagerly anticipate continuing to do so, into the beginning of, and subsequently throughout 2019.



Nominated as finalists for the awards categories: Operations Large, Innovation, and New Facility, both the Go Supply Chain Consulting and Gideon Hillman Consulting teams attended the SHD Logistics awards dinner 2018, at The Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe, London, last Thursday.

Following their merge back in July 2018, both Go Supply Chain Consulting, and Gideon Hillman Consulting are part of The Supply Chain Consulting Group Ltd, one of the UK’s leading Supply Chain and Logistics Consultancies servicing its clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Although we didn’t win this year, Go Supply Chain Consulting, are proud to have been finalists for the Operations Large award, and Gideon Hillman Consulting for both the Innovation, and New Facility award.

The awards ceremony was a brilliant evening, enjoyed by nominees and winners alike.
Congratulations to all of the 2018 winners within all categories!

You can view the gallery of the team’s night here!

Good Luck to all SHD Awards 2018 Finalists Tonight!

Golden awards.

Go Supply Chain Consulting (GO) are proud to announce that they have been instrumental, as a crucial part of the team responsible for their clients – a multinational distribution and outsourcing company – to be shortlisted as finalists for the 2018 SHD awards; Nominated under the category ‘Operations Large’.

With the Specialist support of Go’s Logistics and Warehouse Consultants, successfully identified alternative approaches which enabled them to operate an import centre in a low space/labour cost location and replenish via trunk to its main distribution centre.

Gideon Hillman Consulting (GH) have also been nominated for an award alongside exciting, new, very first drive-thru builders’ yard and warehouse backed by the largest builders merchants group in the UK, BUILT/ –  Travis Perkins PLC  shortlisted as finalists, nominated not only for ‘New Facility’, but also for ‘Innovation’.

Following their recent Merge in July 2018 to form The Supply Chain Consulting Group, the GO and GH team will be attending the awards ceremony together tonight at The Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe, London, where the winners will be announced.

Follow the link for the full List of 2018 Finalists.

5 years of Supply Chain Successes

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Recently merging with Gideon Hillman Consulting, to form The Supply Chain Consulting Group Ltd; The Go Supply Chain Consulting team are proud to announce that 2018 marks the celebration of their fifth successful year.

Both Gideon Hillman Consulting currently in its 14th year – established in 2004, and Go Supply Chain Consulting – established in 2013, have been collaborating on European and UK Logistics Network and Supply Chain projects for major clients in Grocery and Non-Grocery FMCG Retail, Fashion, e-commerce and General Manufacturing since 2015.

A strategic collaboration of two leading Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancies within the UK – SCCG Ltd, takes the best from both GH, and GO, to continue to provide clients with great service and innovation from trusted leaders in specialist Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting.

Discover more about our clients, and our recent merge at:

Recent Merger Underpins Sustainable Growth Strategy

Human bridge merging teams at dusk.

It may come as little surprise to some in the Logistics sector that after having worked together for over three years Gideon Hillman Consulting and Go Supply Chain Consulting, two of the UKs leading independent Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancies, successfully completed a merger in July this year to form a new company, The Supply Chain Consulting Group Ltd.

Gideon Hillman Consulting currently in its 14th year was established in 2004 and GO Supply Chain Consulting, which is celebrating its 5th Anniversary this year, have been collaborating on European and UK Logistics Network and Supply Chain projects for major clients in Grocery and Non-Grocery FMCG Retail, Fashion, e-commerce and General Manufacturing since 2015.

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Ltd is 50/50 shared ownership between the two companies with the directors of both companies sitting on the new board and all staff and assets have been transferred into the new business, so for all intents and purposes not much will change on a day to day customer facing level.

The Directors identified that the opportunity is to take the best from both and continue to provide clients with great service and innovation from a trusted leader in specialist Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting.

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Ltd will retain the two well established brands ‘Gideon Hillman Consulting’ and ‘Go Supply Chain Consulting’ as both are synonymous with high standards, have shared values and strong reputations for building sustainable partnerships with clients and providing detailed yet pragmatic solutions and implementable strategies to any aspect of a company’s Logistics and Supply Chain Operations.

The directors believe that it is the strong values and talented people that make the difference and has been and will continue to be key to the success of the business now and in the future. The company will operate out of both its Slough and Leamington Spa offices providing National and International support via its dedicated team of consultants, analysts and project and general admin staff.

Clients can be assured that there are no planned changes to the existing Directors, consultant team and project support staff in the business other than expanding the team as the business continues to grow as one of the largest independent Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancies in the UK.

For further information visit


Abstract Design international shipment and highway

The team of Specialist UK Logistics, Supply Chain, and Warehouse Consultants at, Go Supply Chain, are proud to announce their achievements over the initial three quarters of 2018.

Having recently successfully completed many more projects for new clients in only the first 9 months of the year; from companies including: Bunzl, Rustins, IWG, Faber, Positec, Superdry, Colten Development, Integral Memory, Sodexo, National Trust, Tyrells, Dean & Wood, Orange Square, and Little Treats Bakery; The Go Supply Chain team were consulted once again, to apply their wide range of specialist skills, including but not limited to distribution strategy review and development, warehouse improvement projects, and new warehouse design and build across a range of sectors.

A unique, highly experienced, and qualified Logistics Consultancy; the Go Supply Chain team posess a broad knowledge and skill set, including but not limited to: Warehouse and Supply Chain Reviews, Transport Tender Support, Distribution Reviews, CDC Optimisation Strategy, Transport Outsourcing Tenders, and Operational Improvement.

Read our Customer Case Studies to find out more about the services offered, and how we can support your business.


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With collaboration from Go Supply Chain Consulting (GO) for our latest edition of ‘Supply Chain Matters’, the Gideon Hillman Consulting (GH) team are excited to announce that their 2018 third-quarter issue is now available to read.

Gideon Hillman Consulting, established in 2004, and Go Supply Chain Consulting, established in 2013, both celebrate significant corporate anniversaries this year; of fifteen and five years respectively; and are two of the UK’s leading Supply Chain and Logistics Consultancies to service clients throughout the UK and Europe.

This quarters’ newsletter focuses on the achievements of both teams throughout 2018 so far, including but not limited to: being shortlisted for logistics awards, by two different awarding bodies within the Supply Chain sector: The SHD Logistics Awards, and The Supply Chain Excellence Awards – for joint entries with big-name clients: BUILT/ and Bunzl – categorically nominated for: Supply Chain Innovation, New Facility’, ‘Innovation’, and Operations Large.

This is in addition to both teams have received a record number of enquiries within the third quarter of the year, and successfully completing a record number of projects for both new and repeat big name clients throughout these past 9 months.

Click here to read our joint Third Quarter Issue to find out more.

Created for, and delivered by specialist teams, highly regarded for their wealth of knowledge from years of experience within the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry; our Supply Chain Matters newsletter serves as a professional publication, available to you each quarter.

Click Here to read earlier issue of the Supply Chain Matters Newsletter.


Double Exposure. Laptop with financial statistics on a desktop

The quarterly newsletter full of informative features, which focuses on industry issues and case studies – ‘Supply Chain Matters’ – is back to update its readers.

Covering topics including upcoming event, and successful contracts won so far this year; this issue will not only cover the successes of the third-quarter for Gideon Hillman Consulting, but also that of Go Supply Chain Consulting.

The 2018 third-quarter edition will be available to read from next week.

Just one of their many successes of 2018 so far, The Logistics and Supply Chain Specialists at Go Supply Chain Consulting are pleased to announce they have successfully completed a record number of projects for both new and repeat big name clients throughout the first 9 months of 2018.

In the meantime, catch-up with the earlier editions at Gideon Hillman Consulting.



The Go Supply Chain team of Specialist Warehouse and Supply Chain Consultants, are pleased to reveal their new Blog!

Full of weekly Industry updates, The Go Supply Chain blog will post new content every Friday, pushing out Industry news, Notifications from the Logistics and Supply-Chain Industry, online magazine articles and event updates!

For more, follow the news page on our website.

How 3D Printing is fast becoming commonplace for traditional businesses in the supply chain industry.

3D Printing

After 30 years in development, practical applications of 3D printing are now becoming commonplace and disrupting traditional businesses. Supply chains across diverse industries such as aerospace, healthcare and electronics are devising solutions to enable them to take advantage of market opportunities.  Doctors can print a model of a person’s heart before tackling invasive surgery and logistics companies can build drones to address delivery challenges.  Printing of 3D guns – maybe not so good?

What is 3D printing?

Industrial style 3D printers inject materials in successive patterns to build a three-dimensional object.  The term “additive manufacturing” is used to explain this principle.  Various types of technologies are applied but they all have the same objective: to create complex designs and customizable products on an individual basis with less effort than traditional manufacturing processes.

3D technology is a supply chain disruptor

3D printing technology enables companies to design and produce new customised products to meet the end user’s growing needs for personalization.  Consumers have become accustomed to being able to demand products with variations that were not previously available.  The rise of e-commerce is compounding the need for retailers to be innovative and responsive.  The extensive use of mobile devices is also feeding the need for instant gratification and same day deliveries.

In order to stay competitive in the online marketplace, companies are turning to 3D printing to create their products quicker.   The analyst firm Canalys anticipates that the worldwide market for 3D printers and its associated materials and services will grow to $20.2 billion by 2019.

The advances in 3D printing have been a game changer for manufacturers.  Certain types of spare parts can be printed on demand.  This means reduced lead times for their customers, lower inventory levels and cost savings in warehousing.   Significant competitive advantage can be gained by speed-to-market.


GE Aviation has announced plans to manufacture 40,000 jet fuel nozzles by 2020. GE is also designing an advanced turboprop that replaces more than 850 parts of a normal aircraft engine with only 12 3D-printed components. Boeing and Airbus have both made significant investments in the technology.  Airbus has unveiled a drone made of parts that have been 3D printed in polyamide.

Both GE and Airbus have found that the technology allows them to redesign aircraft parts to reduce their weight, saving costly fuel.


Leading automotive manufacturers were the early adopters. Ford, Mercedes Benz and BMW are all continuing to look at how to improve service levels.  Spare parts can be produced on demand nearer to the market they serve from designs that are sent electronically across the world.


The precision that comes with 3D technology is a boon for the medical professions. Custom-made prostheses can now be produced with less weight improving wearability.  Models can be made of the human heart and its arteries to allow surgeons to preview conditions before embarking on invasive surgery.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can also benefit.  They have the freedom to buy local and save themselves the complications of importing, storing and transporting goods and the associated administrative headaches.

Impact on the logistics industry

As 3D printing technology develops and is used more widely, the logistics sector will be affected.  As manufacturing processes are simplified, supply chains will be shorter and the demand for transport will change.  It is projected that the volume of imports from Asia to Europe will drop considerably in the next few years.

Logistics companies such as DHL and UPS are already benefitting from on-demand printing by providing extended distribution facilities and partnering with 3D printing companies.

The main benefits of 3D printing 


  • Reduced production times
  • Lower inventory levels and less obsolete products
  • Printing-on-demand using digital files
  • Fewer suppliers through consolidating purchases
  • Local supply means cheaper transport and easier logistics.
  • Increased Responsiveness

According to a recent Gartner survey….

Garther Survey Results

The rise and rise of 3D printing

Industrial-grade 3D printers cost upwards of US $1 million.  The challenge in the longer term is to improve the technology and make the printers faster, cheaper and more agile.  They need to be able to use different raw materials and be capable of producing higher-quality items.  Increased accessibility to hardware, software and new raw materials is already driving down the cost of 3D printers.


3D rendering of generic transportation concept at dawn

Following the review of an independent panel of judges, for the 2018 entries for the SHD Logistics Awards, Go Supply Chain Consulting are pleased to announce that they have been shortlisted as finalists for a joint entry – with successful international distribution and outsourcing group – Bunzl.

Go Supply Chain Consulting has been shortlisted as one of the finalists for the SHD Logistics Awards 2018, under the category Operations (Large).

Entries under these categories are judged by the following criteria: an optimised supply chain that is flexible and future proof; showing clear initiative and improvement; and a Supply Chain which has proven to facilitate the betterment of a company’s overall business strategy.

An annual celebration of excellence in the logistics and supply chain sector in association with SHD Logistics magazine; these awards recognise the most impressive achievements throughout the industry, over the past 12 months.

Established in 2013, Go Supply Chain Consulting is one of, the UK’s leading Supply Chain and Logistics Consultancy, servicing clients throughout UK and Europe.

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Thursday 20 September 2018 at The Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe, London.

View the full finalist list HERE.